Lacework enables security teams to discover and secure data center/cloud workloads. Current security solutions either force you to tag workloads manually or provide network level security, which are blind to your elastic workloads and newly containerized applications making these solutions ineffective. They also force you to set manual rules/policies which is a non-starter and complex in today’s dynamic data centers/clouds.

Lacework’s solution provides security for dynamic data center/cloud workloads without requiring any manual policies/rules or manual tagging. Lacework automatically discovers your workloads, applications, and users along with their interactions by creating data center polygraphs.

Lacework’s time machine records and tracks all behavior changes in your datacenter, monitors all activities, and creates polygraphs to provide breach detection, forensics, auditing, and user attribution.


If you have these questions about your enviroment, contact Laceworks for a trial account.

Can I know what types of logical workloads, users and applications are in my cloud without tagging? Can I get regular report on any infrastructure or network changes happening in my environment? How many unique out-bound connections my database server has made in last one hour and which user and application initiated those connections? Are all database servers running same services? Do we have monitoring app running on all App servers? Do I have the same applications and connectivity in staging and production? Which user, application, workload made the connection to compromised external site and how much data was sent to that compromised site? I want to know what an administrator did in the data center even though he used system account or changes username or changed privileges while working? Which workloads and servers have external connectivity and let me know if any new application, workload is suddenly exposed to Internet? I want to upgrade Alerting application or alerting server and want to know what other applications and users are dependent on it. Can you please let me know all the listening ports in my cloud, which are open but have not received any connections so I can close them?


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